Ch Melody Mahogany of Crizta
Bitch, whelped March 1, 1989

"Liza" finished with four majors. She was another striking bitch who epitomized the word elegance. A wonderful moving experience.


Ch Esquire's One Man Band Am/Bras Ch Annle n Belrin's Dylan Flyer Ch Bob Dylan Thomas of Watseka CD Ch Panore of Watseka
Newsprint Nu U of Watseka
Ch Annle High Hopes Am/Can/Braz Ch Paisley's Firechief of Siview
Ch Snowcap's Lancer's Red of Annle (L)

Esquire's Living Proof

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Ch Long Last Limoge
Ch Long Last Liberated Lady Ch Long Last Living Legend
Greenway's Tap Dancer (L)
Ch Melody Crimson and Clover CD (L) Ch Melody Dynamatic (L) Ch Long Last Kelso Rex's Roadmaster Blaze
Long Last Tappy
Ch Melody BLue Velvet Ch Colonsay Olaf the Red (L)
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