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Here is a selection of Dalmatian books as well as general interest reading on training, breeding, and showing. Melody Kennels is an associate, allowing us to provide direct links to these books through Amazon. For first time buyers who order from one of these links, Amazon automatically donates up to 15% of the book price to Dalmatian Rescue! To order, click on the book or title, and you will connect with with a unique code identifying Dalmatian Rescue.

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The Official Book of the Dalmatian
Dalmatian Club of America Staff
Hardcover 450 pages (November 1997)

This book is complete, up-to-date, beautifully illustrated and contains valuable information on raising, training and enjoying the Dalmatian.
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Born to Win: Breed to Succeed
Patricia V. Craige, Luana Luther (Ed.)
Hardcover 289 pages (January 1997)

A definitive dog book that explores every facet of breeding and exhibiting top winning pure bred dogs.

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The Dalmatian
Anna Katherine Nicholas

Hardcover 320 pages (January 1989)

This book is full of stories by Dalmatian
breeders and lots of pictures of show dogs.
Worthwhile if you are interested in showing.
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Jill Pinkwater, Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Paperback (April 1982)

How to choose, raise, and train the best possible dog for you. Very good and very practical.

Culture Clash Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson
Paperback (January 1997)

The Culture Clash depicts dogs as they really are - stripped of their Hollywood fluff, with their loveable "can I eat it, chew it, urinate on it, what's in it for me" philosophy. A great training book.

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