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Dalmatian Rescue

We also believe in helping less fortunate Dalmatians and encourage everyone to consider giving a loving home to a homeless Dalmatian, found in area shelters and through local rescue groups. The popularity of Dalmatians increased dramatically due to the movie 101 Dalmatians, but many owners were not prepared to care for such an energetic breed, resulting in a tremendous number of homeless dogs. Today, there are still too many homeless but loving dogs who are waiting to share the couch or dog bed with a show dog. Please consider helping one find a happy home. Below are several links to get you started on finding and taking care of a rescue Dalmatian.
Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado is a non-profit organization dedicated to locating permanent, loving homes for unwanted or abandoned Dalmatians, serving Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah.
Dalmatian Club of America Online Rescue Contacts Directory is a comprehensive directory of Dalmatian Rescue Organizations across the country. This is the most complete list available anywhere.


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