Ch Melody Mountain Music of Croatia CD
Dog, whelped October 12, 1983

Ch Melody Mountain Music of Croatia

"Cody" was owned and loved by Jena and Kyle Brooks (with Jack as co owner) and was shown by Jena to his championship and CD. Cody finished quickly with 3 majors and a CD in 4 shows.  Jena (now Zafiratos) went on to found Cimarron Dalmatians with Cody's daughter "Abbie" (Ch Melody Wild Mountain Honey CD) as one of her foundation bitches. Cody is also the sire of Ch Melody Fire on the Mountain CD (L)Ch Melody Fire Brand CD (L), Ch Melody Spiral Dance, Ch Melody Don Giovanni, and Ch Melody Peace Valley Montage, and through them made a lasting impression on the breed.


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